Find Your Adventure

I dare you to take an adventure today. What are you going to do?

Adventure is generally understood to be a grand escape—a trip to an exotic foreign country or a leap from a plane hovering 20,000 feet in the air. And while I have done the latter and am currently embarking on the former, not all adventure has to be so dramatic. Most of us, as well fall into the hum drum routine of going to work and paying the bills, forget that adventure isn’t only an act of the extreme or the daring. Being adventurous is a mindset.  

Just imagine for one second how exciting our lives would become if we started setting our minds on adventure every day, if we started thinking with enthusiasm towards the unknown as our default rather than resigned apathy towards our self-prescribed “to-do” list? It would change our world dramatically!

Adventure, quite simply, is what happens when we step outside our comfort zone. If your comfort zone is unusually large and you feel inspired to take a spontaneous trip around the world like I do, by all means, go for it! But for those of us with comfort zones of a smaller diameter, there are plenty of other options: There is no requirement for how “big” or “dramatic” an adventure needs to be.

This is good news because humans crave adventure, if only intermittently. It gives us an adrenaline rush and makes us feel alive. It can be tough though, as humans are complex creatures and the pervasiveness of fear within our society can sometimes make it difficult to see the thought of an adventure through to fruition.

Humans are wired to gravitate towards the familiar, simply because it provides the security that we become accustomed to during our pivotal years. And while familiarity and security aren’t inherently bad for us, becoming “addicted to the familiar” causes us to stop challenging ourselves and growing, ultimately limiting what we can accomplish, the impact we can have and who we ultimately become.

 As fun as being a kid was, we are all glad we didn’t get stuck as a 7-year-old aren’t we? As we get older, we should all want to be glad that we didn’t get stuck as a 22-year-old, or a 35-year-old, or a 56-year-old. Follow me? Adventure is crucial for growth. In order to not get “stuck,” we have to continually step outside of our comfort zones.

Doing this requires an understanding that “failure” is inevitable. You will “fail” at having everything turn out the way you hoped or planned it would. But when life becomes an adventure rather than an obligation, you realize every failure only offers you more wisdom and opens up doors you never would have thought to knock on yourself. The only limits in life are the ones we place on ourselves and the only dreams that can’t come true are the ones we are too fearful of dreaming in the first place.

When was the last time you asked yourself, “what if I could be more?”  When was the last time you wondered if you could push yourself further? What if you woke up tomorrow and put the wheels in motion to do something you never dreamed you could do? 

Do one thing every day that scares you. This is how you realize you are capable of so much more than you ever imagined.