Adding Fuel to the Fire

Ocean conservation is a passion of mine. Not just because we cease to exist if the ecosystem of the ocean becomes extinct, but simply because it's a beautiful, giving, breathing part of this patient planet we call home.  

It's grandeur is breathtaking. The lack of respect we show towards it is heartbreaking. We all owe a huge thank you to the many organizations that are already deep in the trenches of fighting the political destruction of the oceans, and I personally feel a desire and a calling to be more intimately involved. 

While I was strolling around the streets of Tokyo today, I had a simple but profound revelation. This 7+ month journey I'm now embarking on is an incredible opportunity for me to connect with people in every corner of the world; to spread awareness about the continuing and growing importance of protecting the Earth. It doesn't matter where people live, be it two minutes from the beach or landlocked by arid mountains--the health of the oceans effects the health of every single human and the time of simply talking about what we would do to make the planet a happier and healthier place is long past.    

This palpable sense of urgency in combined with opportunity I have to connect with hundreds (if not thousands!) of people in the coming months is what inspired me to create a donation page on my website that is specifically focused on raising money for some of the incredible organizations that have already been fighting so diligently to protect our planet's life source. The organization I picked specifically is Mission Blue, founded by scientist, oceanographer and activist Sylvia Earle "to ignite public support for a global network of Marine Protected Areas." 

As I travel around the world this year, a goal of mine (amongst others) will be to continually raise #savetheocean awareness, and give people an immediate and tangible way to add their support to the cause. While a simple donation page is a small step, it's the beginning of what I intend to become an enthusiastic, impassioned and effective Blue Earth Initiative in years to come. Awareness is the spark that can start a global fire. I'm excited to add my breath to the flame!