Thank you, Donald Trump

This is a bit of a detour from what I normally post on here, but I felt compelled to post after recent events. 

It’s probably been awhile since someone told Donald Trump thank you for anything. He’s done a pretty good job making himself a difficult man to appreciate whether it be because of his woeful lack of respect for war heroes, or because of something much more childish, like him disallowing entry to anyone other than the “cool kids” into his metaphorical sandbox. All of his blunders aside though, the recent outbreak of feminist ideals and support of female equality in light of Trump’s display of astounding misogyny has actually been invigorating. Who would have thought that the embarrassingly unintelligent words of a such a crude, bigoted prick could arouse such passion for something that actually matters? For this, I want to tell Donald Trump one thing: thank you.

Dear Donald Trump,

Thank you. Truly, thank you.

Thank you for being enough of an outspoken chauvinist that we now have the potential to progress on centuries long oppression issues as it relates to gender, race and class equality. In the past, we as a society have to admit that we did our best to brush these issues under the rug. But you Mr. Trump, with your incomprehensible lack of political correctness and respect, have forced us to take a good hard look at everything wrong with America. In the process, one of those things has been determined to be you. But you can’t fix a problem until you acknowledge it exists, right? So, thank you.  

Thank you for being willing to say what no one else will, and in the process showing WHY some things are better left unsaid. Because they are wrong. Bragging about your attempts to “grab women’s pussies” and mentioning that you might be dating your daughter if she wasn’t in fact your daughter aren’t brave anti-political statements that indicate an impressive lack of adherence to “the system.” They are creepy, disgusting, bordering on criminal and an insult to the entirety of the society you are trying to represent. But thank you, for at least making us aware of your embarrassing inability to articulate anything--literally anything--intelligently. If you do in fact become President, the only people we will be able to blame for the subsequent implosion is ourselves.

Thank you for sticking your head so far up your ass that the Republican Party--that we all know you don't accurately represent--has finally been moved to analyze some of their rigid social ideals and say things that are helpful, progressive and make sense. In a strange, weird way, you’ve single-handedly helped to forge a bipartisan effort that government officials have been working towards for years. This is very likely the only thing you will ever be commended for. So let me be the first to tell you congratulations.

Thank you for being such a bigoted misogynist that previous misogynists may actually be wondering if they are actually feminists. Only a true asshole can say something so ridiculous that nearly every man everywhere--even the non-feminist ones--come out in defense of females and their plight against “pussy grabbing.” You’ve done an incredible job of unifying a large portion of the country against one thing. You. Congratulations for that also.

And finally, thank you Donald Trump, for strengthening the hope that people can recognize harmful actions, words and ideals when they see them. Thank you for reminding people what it means to have a moral compass, to have sensitive opinions about things that matter and for encouraging people to voice their feelings and fight back against people like you who are spewing hate and ignorance into a country founded on opposite ideals. Thank you for putting your narcissistic self in the spotlight in such dramatic, embarrassing fashion that even the most apathetic of this country’s citizens have found the interest to get up and think about what they want to happen in this country’s future. Thank you, Donald Trump, for showing us so clearly exactly what we don't admire, don't stand for, and don't respect. Someone had to do it, and you stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun.

So thank you.