Thank you, Donald Trump part 2

Yesterday we watched the most unqualified man in American history be sworn into the most powerful office in the one of the most powerful countries on the planet. It was sad, scary, anxiety-inducing and angering to see a man of Donald Trump's tepid character make a promise to govern in the greatest interest of the more than 300 million people living in the America that he wants to "make great again." Because it's not going to take long to realize that Donald Trump isn't going to make America great again, and neither are any of his false promises. Donald Trump will govern in consideration of only his own self-interests and leave the rest of us to pick up the broken pieces of his failed American "resurrection." Starting now, with Trump's inauguration, it will be the American people standing up to his bigoted, mysogonistic, hate-filled policies that are going to keep making this country great. For that we need to tell Donald Trump "thank you"... (again). 

Dear Donald Trump,

You are not going to make America great again. Partly because you intend to fix problems that don't really exist and/or you don't understand and partly because you're so abysmally uneducated when it come to politics you couldn't fix problems even if they were real and you did understand them. 

But thank you--seriously--for waking up so many Americans to the reality that there are parts of our country that are definitely in need of fixing. And while I'm at it, let us tell you thank you for a few other things as well. 


Thank you for speaking so simple-mindedly and emotionally (as opposed to rationally) that Americans are now in fact scared. Scared of non-threatening immigrants, scared of taxes, scared of arbitrary walls and scared of you. Your fear-mongering has inadvertently and ironically lead to more activism than America has seen since at least the civil-rights movement and now that people have woken up it's going to be difficult (for you) to put them back to sleep again. 

Thank you for being to blatantly intentional about neglecting the environment that ongoing environmental protests such as the #NoDAPL received international attention, the support to thousands of celebrities and outspoken support from an unprecedented number of media outlets. Without you and your team's shameful neglect of our planet, it's possible none of these things would have received the attention they (still) deserve. 

Thank you for being so obviously and embarrassingly bigoted when it comes to immigrants, the LGBTQ community, women and literally anyone that isn't you that you inspired a record number of donations to organizations who are going to spend their next four years fighting against you (and then the rest of their lifetimes cleaning up your mess). Without you, these donations wouldn't have found their way to their admirable philanthropic pockets that so desperately need them, especially since the advent of your administration that is bound and determined to destroy anything of social good left in this country. 

Thank you for being so dangerously opportunistic and pig-headed in all things both domestic and international that the country's most influential and trained social rights organizations are putting all their resources into fighting you and the danger you present the American people and to the world. Without your brash, reckless and harmful actions spawned from delusional ideologies, we might have taken longer to start fighting for things that matter. Thanks to you, the resistance is already well underway.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for shining a light on everything that is wrong with America today, and being polarizing enough in your hateful, condemning expressions to encourage people to stand up and fight for justice, equality, love over hate and preservation of selfless ideas that allow for a healthy, thriving and inspired country. You yourself are the opposite of all of these things, but because of you everyone else has been able to see their incredible value. 

And finally, thank you Donald Trump for being you, the infuriatingly moronic narcissist that takes more pride in himself than the country he is supposed to be fixing. Despite the anger and fear that you evoke everyday, we can say thank you, because the fact that you are so embarrassingly bad at your job gives everyone else a chance for their voice to be heard. The fact that you are so dangerously inept at doing what is best for America and for the world has woken people from their perpetual (political) apathy and created a whirlwind of people and organizations desperate to clean up the mess that everyone is sure you are going to make. Thank you, ultimately, for giving people a reason to care, a platform to have a voice and in the process making our--not your--America continually great. 


Kayla FergusonComment