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Travel: life's most potent methapor

Some life metaphors can be deeply meaningful and can hold great relevance in relation to the deeper, genuine meaning of every individual human life. These are the metaphors that are alive, that we can tangibly create and experience, that we will remember until our very last breath. 

There is one specifically that comes to mind:


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Stopping to smell the roses in South America

We don't have to rush through life. We spend so much time figuring out how we are going to get from one place to the next (physically or in a more metaphorical sense). And sometimes we get there, so stressed and exhausted from the hurried journey, that we either a) miss the desired destination in the first place or b) can't enjoy it once we arrive. If we aren't careful, each step becomes nothing more than a check box on the life to-do list before it's on to the next thing. Sometimes this is ok...we all come to this life with an intention and a goal we want to accomplish. What we don't come to Earth with is the anxiety we all suffer from feeling that we have to accomplish it right away. 

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For lack of a better a place far from it

Eastern Europe was a reminder to me of the richness and fulfillment life can bring when we are open to spontaneity and wandering excitedly into the unknown. For lack of a better cliche, sometimes the best things in life really are John Lennon once sang, "life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."

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Midday in Paris

 It's a strange thing, the realization that you're human. Not the conceptual realization that you're existing on Earth with a job and to-do list with billions of others. The REAL realization, of the absolute lunacy yet simultaneously profound perfection that is the human experience...

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(There is no such thing as) The One

The idea of "the one" certainly has it's benefits. It's serves as a motivator, a glimmer of hope and potential in an otherwise chaotic world. And I won't argue that sometimes "the one" is found. But I am here to argue that "the one"--once it is found--doesn't have to last for forever. Maybe it's the one--career, love, place or hobby--for a year. Maybe five or ten. And then maybe that "one" will venture off politely (hopefully) to other options, leaving you to do the same as a more developed, experienced and hopefully better person as a result of experiencing this "one," even if only for a limited time. 

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Everything always changes, but some things never do

Expecting that things will go a certain way, that people will respond to us in a certain way, that we will turn out a certain way as a result of our decision and experiences is futile, as acting in accordance with those expectations is assuming that all external factors at play in our lives are constant. It's already been established that the only constant they do embody is the constant to change on a whim. 

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