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Why Scuba Diving

As announced in my last post (way too long ago), I've spontaneously decided to spend some time on Ko Phi Phi Island Thailand getting my Divemaster Scuba Certification with Island Divers, one of the numerous dive centers on Ko Phi Phi Island. It's been nothing but a blast so far and I'm having an absolutely amazing time! But I thought I would take this post to answer the question I've been getting a lot: why scuba diving?

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The Elephants That Made Me Reprioritize My Life

Anyone who travels to northern Thailand will quickly hear about all the opportunities to ride, play with, bathe with, etc. the elephants. I was hesitant to do it though, because I've heard mixed things about how the elephants are treated at some of the locations. But after doing some research and hearing first hand from a couple other travelers that it was in fact humane and well worth it, I decided I would try it out. I'm so glad I did. 

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