I am a writer, creative professional and aspiring documentarian that recently completed a world tour. After spending seven years in Hollywood working as a freelance filmmaker as well as for both a global talent agency and major television studio, I decided I wanted to take some time to experience the world rather than watch other people do it on the big (and small) screen. From May 2015 to May 2016 I traveled through Asia, Europe and South America, expanding my cultural horizons and building my career capital by working as an entertainment consultant for various companies and individuals in the United States, Bollywood, Europe and South America. I now work full time as a freelance creative consultant, specializing in social marketing, copy/content writing and web/graphic design. 

I am a strong advocate for entertainment and media that serves the greater good and believe whole-heartedly in the power entertainment and media has to make the world a more enlightened, happier and healthier place. 

Specialties: Creative development, social marketing, non-fiction writing, creative writing, graphic/web design, critical thinking, script analysis,  and global connections/industry awareness via travel.

Links to various resume and portfolio elements are listed below. For a complete breakdown of my professional experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


-Photography Portfolio

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-Journalistic Writing Samples

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IMDB--please see a few pieces from my film/videography portfolio below: 

Producer/Production Manager: The Second Circle short film: